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Career Opportunities

At National Enrichment Group we greatly value our people and are always eager to have talented professionals join our well-diverse team. If you are someone who is passionate about the type of work we do with communities we would love to hear from you. ​Take a look at the open positions below or contact us directly. Send your resume and cover letter, so we get to know you better!

Internship Opportunities

Food Service Internships

Still in school? Want to get some volunteer experience? If you are looking for fieldwork experience or simply want to learn more about the operations side of the Food Industry please reach out.

DI Internships

Are you starting your DI Internship? Are you looking to fulfill your rotations? We have over 50 DI Interns a year that complete their rotations with us. We accept all DI Interns including those from local, state and long-distance programs. Examples of our rotations include:

  • Community

  • Basic Community

  • Advanced Community 

  • Counseling for Children

  • Adults and Seniors 

  • Food Service & Basic Operations

  • School Food

  • Food Policy 

  • Food Literacy

  • Food marketing

  • Informatics, 

  • Grant Writing and Development Elective

  • Agriculture Sustainability

  • Community Gardening  

  • Green Houses

Send your resume and cover letter so we get to know you better!

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